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Hanuman brings Rama and Lakshmana to meet Sugriva, from a Ramayana

A half inch red/orange border. Close to the image is a pale black line followed by a dark black line framing the image. A tree on the left breaks into the border. The background is green and there is a large rocky outcropping in the foreground. Rama, Lakshmana and Hanuman are on the right in …


Rama and Lakshman with the sage Vishvamitra, from a Ramayana

The scene takes place outside Ayodhya, in the uncultivated forest zone where ascetics dwell. The boys raise their hands respectfully as they listen to the divine sage Vishvamitra, who has brought them to the forest zone in order to kill the demons who disturb holy men. Vishvamitra wears an animal skin over one shoulder and …