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Pendant in the form of a ram head

The object is sculpted in the full round. The eyes are in low relief, the horns are striated in a chevron pattern. A channel runs from a large opening in the back of the head to a narrower one that serves as the open mouth. Two more channels are below the horns. The stone is …


Stamp seal

Ellipsoid shaped stamp seal with two reclining rams. Ram horns were incorporated into Sasanian crowns and thrones, thus the ram motif is associated with royalty.


Stamp seal

Ellipsoid shaped stamp seal with wolf attacking a ram.



This small figure of a ram is sculpted naturalistically with charming directness. It stands on short, stumpy legs, its heavy rump slightly set back. Both fore and hind haunches are described subtly as smooth undulating planes, and the head and neck are also modelled with similar fluidity. The ram’s distinguishing feature, the curled horns, stands …


Stamp seal

Stamp seal