Keywords: Rakurakuen ware

5 objects

Tea caddy

Buff clay. Hand formed. Irregular vertical faceting and gouged marks. Mouth opening on flat top cut out in shape of open folding gan. Chocolate brown iron glaze, wiped off base. Inside glazed. Red lacquer repairs to firing cracks in base.


Figure of Kyogen performer in role of Sambaso

Buff clay. Hand formed, hollow. Incised and stamped designs on costume. Square seal “Rakurakuen-sei” (product of Rakurakuen) impressed near hem of garment, on proper right side of figure. Yellow ash glaze on garment and feet; bluish clear glaze on face; iron glaze on cap and in pupils of eyes.


Figure of Shoki the Demon Queller

Cream clay. Hand formed, hollow. Square seal “Rakurakuen-sei” (product of Rakurakuen) impressed on inside of hem edge at back of figure. Yellow ash glaze. Repairs to sword, hair, hem, and sleeves; demon’s horns missing.



White clay. Decoration of bands of incised geometric motifs from neck to below shoulder. Large square seal “Rakurakuen-sei” (product of Rakurakuen), in seal script, on base. Deep purple, lead-based enamel glaze. Thin purple glaze on base and inside neck. Traces of green lead glaze adhering to feet. Inside unglazed.


Tea bowl by an amateur potter

Buff clay. Hand formed, heavy. Vertical faceting on one side of wall; incised undulating horizontal line on opposite side of wall; incised spiral in bottom; incised ring on base. Chocolate brown iron glaze, glossy on side exposed to highest temperature during firing (over facts), matte on opposite side. Foot unglazed.