Keywords: Qianlong reign (1736 - 1796)

23 objects

Bowl with incised decoration

Translucent white glass bowl on a foot with engraved design of stylized flowers and leaves.


The Qianlong Emperor as Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom

The painting is arranged with Qianlong at the center of a symbolic universe. The landscape background is filled with auspicious clouds and the mountain is the five-peaked Wutaishan (sacred mountain in China). He is seated on a lion-guarded dais that is supported on a lotus blossom. The throne rises from an azurite pond with two …


Tripod bowl with wooden stand

Basin shaped tripod, with shallow body slightly everted, with a broad flanged lip rim, flat base and resting on three arabesque shaped short legs. The sides of the basin are fluted. With a hardwood stand, carved in the design of three crossed and reribboned ruyi (wish-granting) scepters.


Cloisonne stupa with gilt ornaments

A cloisonne stupa with hollow, uncovered, tiered base; rising from the swelling body of the stupa is a tall spire consisting of thirteen rings telescoping in size from large to small in an upward direction, and surmounted by a gilt, gourd-shaped ornamen. A gilt metal staircase leads to the the main body of the stupa …