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A prayer

Book of prayers

Manuscript; Book of prayers; Arabic in black naskh script, colophon in tawqi’ script; illuminated headings in white; 197 folios with 6 double-page illumination (fols.173-178 recto and 172-177 verso),1 sarlawh (folio 1 verso), 1 unwan (folio 10 verso); colophon (folio 195 recto); standard page: 1 column, 7 lines. Binding: The manuscript is bound in leather over …


Munajat Qur’an (Book of prayers)

Manuscript; Munajat Qur’an (Book of prayers); text: Arabic in black, white and gold naskh script with illuminated headings in muhaqqaq script; vocalized in black; 53 folios with 2 sarlawhs (fols. 1, 2 verso) and gold rosette verse markers; standard page: one column, 9 lines of text. Binding: The manuscript is bound in red leather over …