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Arc-shaped pendant, with added decoration

A grayish jade musical instrument base, with green and fawn markings, of semicircular form carved with a central prong; top engraved with two masked heads: one surrounded by multiple lines in the form of wings, the underside with semicircular hole pierces as if to hold strings. (One pit in surface; few tiny nicks.)


Pendant in form of a mask

The main element of the design of this ornamental pendant is a pair of “eyes,” drilled from the front, with perforated slits for “eyebrows,” and a swirling series of gently undulating curves. Below the eyes are seven sets of paired, pointed, teeth-like projections. Extending from the sides are symmetrically curved and hooked elements. The top …


Tapered pendant

Implement: Fid for untying knots; long three-sided object tapering to a point at each end, perforation near top bored from both sides; translucent, gray green with scattered mottlings of orange brown; one long and two shorter tool marks. (Old smoothed chip near top.) Acquired with a box, now lost. (Jenny F. So, from Jade Project …


Arc-shaped pendant (huang 璜)

Ornament: type huang 璜; small flat plaque with oval upper edge and straight base with curved notch in center; mottled pale yellow green and cream; reverse covered with white incrustation; two functional holes conically bored from both sides; irregularities in cutting, two saw marks. Acquired with a box, now lost.


Tapered pendant

Pendant; in form of slender four-sided stylus, tapering to a pointed top with a small perforation; translucent, yellow green with golden brown streaks and veinings, dark brown at both ends; decoration: incised, horizontal lines at either end of each plane. Acquired with a box, now lost.


Arc-shaped pendant (huang 璜)

Thin plaque of the type huang 璜; roughly semicircular with two conical perforations; closely mottled shades of light to dark browns; satin smooth surface. (Broken in four pieces and mended.)