Keywords: Oribe style ware

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Tea caddy, Oribe type

Light brown clay with brown flecks. String-cut base. Decoration of cross hatching pattern carefully incised or possibly impressed on drum-shaped lower body. Thin, mottled iron-ash glaze, wiped off irregularly well above foot, leaving orange flush; neck and shoulder dipped into glossy brown glaze, running irregularly down body in two streams. Inside unglazed.


Vase in style of Oribe ware

Dense, pale gray clay. Oval seal, “Banko,” impressed in center of base. Thin and thick vertical stripes painted in iron pigment and white slip, on two opposing walls. Clear glaze; splashes of copper-green on neck, shoulder, and walls. Base unglazed.


Tea bowl in Oribe style

Buff clay, stained beneath glaze. On outside, underglaze iron painted decoration (which appears gray) of plovers in a “fishnet” lattice. Clear glaze, slightly underfired, crackled, partially wiped off base; narrow panel of copper-green ash glaze on outside, overlapping rim.


Tea bowl in Oribe style

Buff clay. Underglaze iron painted decoration of “flaming jewels” and bundle of straw; touches of iron around rim. Kiln mark impressed on base inside foot rim. Ash glaze, ending irregularly above unglazed base, partially covered with glassy white feldspathic glaze; large patch of copper-tinted green ash glaze.


Vase in Oribe style, probably Seto ware

Buff clay. Wheel-thrown form distorted by vertical slashes made with a blade and by pinching from two opposite sides; base finished by hand. Feldspathic glaze, cream colored where thin, white where thick; splashes of copper-green ash glaze partially reduced to lavender and yellow-green; areas of crawling. Inside glazed; base glazed in concave center, unglazed around …