Keywords: Ofuke ware

10 objects

Tea ceremony water jar

Light gray clay, brown on surface, stained under glaze. Two sculpted handles. Large swags of thick iron slip, poured onto inverted vessel, producing green tint where iron has dissolved into ash glaze; ash glaze, taking on yellowish tonality from stained body, is greenish where thick, crackled. Base glazed inside foot; Shino-type feldspathic glaze. Gold lacquer …


Small incense burner with slip-inlaid stamped decor

Dense, dark brown clay. String-cut base. Stamped motifs of flying cranes of two types, Chinese characters for “crane,” and “auspicious clouds,” inlaid with white slip brushed horizontally over body and partially removed. Clear glaze with soft sheen, applied by dipping, appearing gray over dark body, opaque white where thick in droplets. Inside unglazed. Silver lid …


Incense box in the shape of a turtle

Buff clay, flushing orange where glaze is thick or wiped off. Incised and modeled details. Yellow ash glaze, crackled. Mark. Cipher (kao) written in clear brown lacquer on underside of lid.


Ember pot

Buff clay. Spiral carved in center of base; S-shaped firing crack in base. Pale blue-gray underglaze cobalt painted decoration of two tiers of repeated motifs. Clear glaze, greenish where thick. Inside of foot glazed.


Oval bowl in shape of rice bale

Grainy gray clay, medium brown on surface. Incised decoration of two half-medallions with different designs on narrow ends of bowl, enclosed by radiating lines. Clear glaze, yellowish where thick, opalescent blue at lower edges and in droplets; in bottom, pool of opaque white (unofu) edged with streaks of opalescent blue. Foot unglazed.


Tea bowl in shape of rice bale

Fine-grained, yellowish brown clay with areas of orange flush. Hand formed over cloth-covered mold; imprint of coarse fabric on inside. Incised decoration inlaid with white slip under clear glaze; white where thick. Inside of foot unglazed.


Oval serving bowl in shape of rice bale

Light gray clay. Hand formed. Clear glaze, crackled and stained brown; upper coating of opalescent blue glaze (unofu) running irregularly down outside and inside, pooling in bottom, with areas of yellow-brown, violet blue, and turquoise; pitted. Clear glaze inside foot.


Tea bowl with brushed-slip decoration

Dense, dark brown clay. White slip brushed thinly in narrow band on outside, broadly and generously on inside, under glaze. Clear glaze with soft sheen, appearing gray over dark clay body, and milky opaque where thick; some pinholes surrounded by pinkish blush. Five irregularly shaped spur marks in bottom; five scars on glazed foot ring.


Ofuke or Seto ware sake bottle

Light gray clay. Incised and stamped motifs accented with underglaze cobalt. Oval potter’s seal “Shuntai” impressed on base to left of center. Clear glaze, gray-green in tone, crackled and stained brown by sake. Foot unglazed.


Ofuke ware tea bowl in style of Vietnamese ware

Light gray clay, brown on surface, stained in areas around cracks. White slip; double coating of slip in bottom only. Underglaze painted in decoration in faint blue-gray cobalt: two horizontal lines at midpoint of body, single lines below rim and just above base, single ring in bottom; three floral sprays and three geometric designs paired, …