Keywords: nephrite

640 objects

Pendant in the form of a fish

Fish pendant of mottled cream-colored jade. Straight in form, lenticular in section, with silhouette tapering toward diagonal snout, incut for dorsal fin, and narrowing into splayed, bifurcated tail; a blade-shaped extension from the tail forms a pendant tool. Diagonal score marks indicate the fins. Biconical perforation functions as an eye. Stone polished to a soft …


Dagger-axe (ge 戈), fragment reworked

Ceremonial weapon: blade. Opaque, buff colored surface with white and dark brown mottling over a large portion of both sides. The blade is flat, with a conical perforation between the shoulders and on each of the two projections at the top of the blade. The edges of the two projections and the space between them …