Keywords: nephrite

640 objects

Pendant in the form of a fish

Pendant, curved fish; few carved/incised details; pierced twice; translucent green gray, clouded. (Clouds of calcification and spots; interior cracks.)


Pendant in the form of a bird, reworked

Pendant bird-swallow (?) with wings spread; engraved; pierced loop; translucent yellow-gray. (Spotty areas of calcification, some powdery and worn.)


Flanged bracelet

Disk with projecting ring around central perforation; opaque gray with white and dark blue clouds. (Areas of calcification; nicks on edge and flange, chip on flange; repaired crack.) (Jenny F. So, Jade Project Database, entered March 24, 2009) Opaque light and dark gray with white and dark blue patches (see Sanxingdui 三星堆 material); cracked (repaired). …


Flanged bracelet

Disk with open center, projecting inner ring; tan. (Calcified; soil adhering to both sides in what appears to be root patterns; one fracture, minor, on inner flange, one slight hairline crack from outer edge to flange, appears to have been taped at one time to stabilize; red flecks near number.) (Jenny F. So, Jade Project …


Notched disk

This enigmatic, notched disk with its perhaps star-gazing connotation is seen here in an unusual form since it has only two notches and two areas of serrations rather than the usual three. Also, the flesh is reduced by means of a rather large aperture. Still, the piece is of such perfect workmanship and such correct …


Notched disk

Disk with outer edge divided in three sections and flanged with notched single and double teeth; translucent gray-green large center hole. (In good condition, with slight surface adhesions.)


Notched disk

Disk; center hole, notched edge; divided into three sections; six projecting teeth each section; light green and cream. (Mostly calcified; surface pitted; old chip, few nicks in outer edge.)


Pendant in the form of a fish

Fish pendant of green jade with lighter transverse veining. Curved silhouette, with roughly indicated eyes and fins and narrowing in splayed, bifurcated tail. A blade-shaped extension from the tail forms a pendant tool. Biconical perforation on extended curling snout. Stone polished to a soft lustre. Traces of red pigment.