Keywords: Muromachi period (1333 - 1573)

272 objects

Mino ware tea bowl

Buff clay, reddish brown on part of surface on one side. String-cutting mark visible on trimmed foot rim. Yellow ash glaze, appearing olive-green where thick, stained brown in crackles, ending in beads. Inside of foot rim unglazed. On inside wall, single brown streak of iron; in bottom, pool of dark green glaze with opaque bluish …


Mino or Seto ware ewer, used as tea caddy

Light gray clay. String-cut base. Two lugs on shoulder. Iron glaze covering the body nearly to the foot, splashed over shoulder with ash glaze that has matured on one side as translucent amber, streaked with opaque creamy yellow edged with blue. Base coated with iron wash. Inside glazed.