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Folio from a Qur’an, sura 87:1-19; sura 88:1-26; sura 89:1-7 and part of 8

Detached folio from a Qur’an; recto: Sura al-a’la (the Most high), sura 87:1-19, Sura al-Ghashiya (the Overwhelming), sura 88:1-4, recto begins with “bismillah”; verso: sura 88:5-26, Sura al-Fajr (the Daybreak), sura 89:1-7 and part of 8, verso begins with “tusqay”; Arabic in black, blue, gold and white naskh, muhaqqaq and thuluth scripts; vocalized in black …


Section from a Qur’an

Manuscript; Qur’an, second quarter: Sura al-A’raf (the Heights) – Sura al-Kahf (the Cave), sura 7-18; Arabic in black muhaqqaq script, illuminated pages with titles in white thuluth script; vocalized in black; 178 folios with two double-page illuminations, rosette verse markers and inscribed marginal medallions; inalienable donation; inscriptions on folio 175 verso; standard page: 1column, 7 …



Manuscript; Qur’an; Arabic in black naskh script, headings in white kufic script, illuminated chapter headings in muhaqqaq script; vocalized in black and red; 226 folios with one illuminated frontispiece (fol. 1 verso-2 recto), 2 illuminated double-page composition (fols. 2 verso, 3 recto- fols. 221 verso, 222 recto), a double-page finispiece (fols. 222 verso, 223 recto), …


A section (juz’) of a Qur’an

Manuscript; a section (Juz’) of Qur’an; Sura al-Anbya (the Prophets) 21, Sura al-Hajj (the Pilgrimage) 22 with several missing folios; Arabic in black muhaqqaq script with interlinear Persian translation in naskh script; vocalized in black; 140 folios with a shamsa (fol. 1 recto), frontispiece (fol. 1 verso, 2 recto), and a finispiece (fol.140 recto), verse …


A section (juz’) of a Qur’an

Manuscript; a section (juz’) of Qur’an; Sura al- Mu’minun ( the Believers) 23:1-118, Sura al-Nur (the Light) 24:1-64, Sura al-Furgan (the Criterion) 25:1-20; Arabic in black muhaqqaq script with additions of red, headings in white thuluth script; vocalized in black; 48 folios, illuminated head-pieces, rosette verse markers, inscribed marginal medallions; standard page: one column, 5 …


A section juz’ of a Qur’an, sura 67-sura 77

Manuscript; A section (juz’) of the Qur’an; Arabic in black naskhi and muhaqqaq scripts with blue, green, and gold chapter headings in thuluth script; marginal inscriptions indicating the end of a fifth or tenth verse “khams” or “ashr”; vocalized in black with red letters for recitation and reading; 30 folios with Qur’an verses from sura …


Munajat Qur’an (Book of prayers)

Manuscript; Munajat Qur’an (Book of prayers); text: Arabic in black, white and gold naskh script with illuminated headings in muhaqqaq script; vocalized in black; 53 folios with 2 sarlawhs (fols. 1, 2 verso) and gold rosette verse markers; standard page: one column, 9 lines of text. Binding: The manuscript is bound in red leather over …


Folio from a Qur’an

Detached folio from a dispersed copy of the Qur’an; recto: Surat Luqman (Luqman) 31: part of verse 18, and verses19-27; verso: sura 31: 27-34; Arabic in gold muhaqqaq script outlined in black; illuminated verse markers; marginal medallions; vocalized in blue and black; one column; 11 lines of text; one of a group of 2 folios.



Manuscript; the Qur’an with selection of prayers and a falname; Arabic in black naskh script with white headings in illuminated cartouches in thuluth, muhaqqaq, and nasta’liq script; vocalized in black; 288 folios with 2 shamsa (1 verso, 2 recto) a frontispiece (2 verso, 3 recto), a sarlawh (3 verso), and 3 finispiece (287 verso, 288 …


A section (juz’) of a Qur’an, juz’ 26, sura 46-51

Manuscript; A section (juz’) of a Qur’an, juz’ 26, Sura al-Ahqaf (Curved sandhills), Sura Muhammad (Muhammad), Sura al-Fath (The victory), Sura al-Hujurat (The rooms), Sura Qaf (The letter Qaf), Sura al-Dhariyat (The winds that scatter), sura 46-51; text: Arabic in black naskh script with marginal notes in red naskh, sura titles in gold muhaqqaq script; …