Keywords: Meiji era (1868 - 1912)

3,187 objects

Tea bowl with brushed-slip decoration

Dense, dark brown clay. White slip brushed thinly in narrow band on outside, broadly and generously on inside, under glaze. Clear glaze with soft sheen, appearing gray over dark clay body, and milky opaque where thick; some pinholes surrounded by pinkish blush. Five irregularly shaped spur marks in bottom; five scars on glazed foot ring.


Vase with large geometric handles

Buff clay. String-cut base. Two handles. Opaque white glaze on upper body and handles, applied in two layers, crackled; thin iron glaze on lower body, partially wiped off lower wall and base. Drips of cobalt blue and iron brown glaze on front, over vertical indentation; accents of iron glaze on handle bosses.