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Couple in a landscape

Detached album folio; Couple in a landscape. Border: The painting is set in gold, black, and blue rulings mounted on paperboard with landscape and animal motifs.


Folio from a Shahnama (Book of kings) by Firdawsi (d.1020); recto: Zal climbs to reach Rudaba; verso: text: Zal consults with the priests about Rudaba

Detached folio from a dispersed copy of the Shahnama (Book of kings) by Firdawsi; text: Persian in black nasta’liq script; recto: illustration and text, Zal climbs to reach Rudaba; verso: text, Zal consults with mubidan (priests) about Rudaba, six columns, twenty-five lines of text. Border: The text and the painting are set in gold and …