Keywords: lotus

501 objects

Bottle with inlaid designs of willow and lotus

Bottle, pear-shaped; flaring mouth with gold lacquer repair; low, barely defined foot. Body surface under glaze roughly and irregularly trimmed and finished; a number of fissures, some through glaze surface. Clay: porcelaneous, gray; biscuit surface iron-reddish where exposed during firing. Glaze: transparent, glossy, pale celadon, uneven flow, fine mesh crackle, covers foot and part of …


Dish with design of lotus pond

Dish with flattened foliate rim, unglazed base and bevelled foot. Clay: porcelain, slightly grayish. Glaze: transparent, tinged with blue, particularly distinct around the rim. Decoration: painted in underglaze blue; blackish spots in places. Design of lotus pond in center, chrysanthemum scroll on cavetto, and classic scroll on rim; on the exterior: lotus panels enclosing leaf …