Keywords: Late Neolithic period (ca. 5000 - ca. 1700 BCE)

345 objects

Axehead (fu)

Tube (cong 琮)

Cong; hollow with rectangular body and circular ends; marbled green color. (Top section broken off and rejoined, surface of repair has cement-like adhesion; surface of jade pitted, nicked, hairline cracks; corners have chips; some areas have flecks of silvery or quartz-like element.)


Disk (bi 璧)

Thin perforated disc of the type pi [bi] 璧; translucent, mottled light golden browns and pale yellowish green; outer edge uneven and much thinner than at perforation; several dark strata cracks. Acquired with a box, now lost. (Jenny F. So, Jade Project Database, March 24, 2009) Possibly late Neolithic. Coarse grained material, light golden brown …


Ornament (shi 飾) with mask and headdress

The semi-human face has a pronounced bulbous nose in relief; almond-shaped eyes with incised outlines; fangs pointing both up and down; mouth revealing two rows of teeth; tall ornamented headdress; mottled green jade with white marbling; multiple holes at the bottom of the face. (Condition: Roughly carved around back of suspension holes and on left …


Tubular head ornament

Armlet (?) irregular cylinder; flared at one end, one side elongated; undecorated; translucent yellow-green. (Interior cracks; chips one end.)