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Abhisarika Nayika

In this painting, Radha represents an abhisarika, a woman who fearlessly braves the dangers of the night to meet her lover. Beneath clouds bristling with lightening and in a driving rain, Radha hurries across a rocky landscape, bunching her skirt up to keep it dry, even as snakes coil around her ankles. Four demons, one …


Hanuman brings Rama and Lakshmana to meet Sugriva, from a Ramayana

A half inch red/orange border. Close to the image is a pale black line followed by a dark black line framing the image. A tree on the left breaks into the border. The background is green and there is a large rocky outcropping in the foreground. Rama, Lakshmana and Hanuman are on the right in …


Lakshmana at the hermitage, folio from a Ramayana

Painted in an eccentric palette of lemon yellow, warm pink, and mauve, this scene represents an ashram. The two young disciples Rama and Lakshmana appear twice: once with their teachers on the painting’s left and again on the left by the gateway in the woven brush/bramble fence. A tiger and water buffalo lap water from …