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Clay: sandy, white. Glaze: opaque, grayish cream, crazed. Decoration: painted in overglaze enamels, on both surfaces, including a medallion underneath the bowl. Kufic inscription.


Folio from a Qur’an, sura 5:44-48

Detached folio from a dispersed copy of the Qur’an; recto: Sura al-Ma’ida (the Table spread) 5: part of verse 44, and verses 45-46, recto begins with ” takhshau”; verso: sura 5:46, 47, and part of 48, verso begins with: “-him bi’isa”; Arabic in black kufic script with gilded verse marker; vowel signs in red; one …


A section (juz’) of a Qur’an

Manuscript; a section of Qur’an; Sura al-Naml (the Ant) 27 and Sura al-Qasas (the Stories) 28; Arabic in black “eastern kufic (New Style)” script; vocalized in black, sukun in blue; 27 folios with a frontispiece (fol.1 verso, 2 recto) and an additional brocaded cloth-cover for protection; inscriptions and seals on the fly leaf and end …



Manuscript; Qur’an; Arabic in black naskh script, headings in white kufic script, illuminated chapter headings in muhaqqaq script; vocalized in black and red; 226 folios with one illuminated frontispiece (fol. 1 verso-2 recto), 2 illuminated double-page composition (fols. 2 verso, 3 recto- fols. 221 verso, 222 recto), a double-page finispiece (fols. 222 verso, 223 recto), …


Manuscript fragment from a Qur’an

Manuscript; fragment from a Qur’an; Sura al-An’am (the Cattle) 6:164-65; Sura al- A’raf (the Heights) 7:1-5 and 22-27; Arabic in black kufic script with a palmette gold heading extending out into the margin; sura title in gold; vocalized in red; 22 folios with one illumination, gold verse markers, palmette; standard page: one column; 13 lines …


Khamsa (Quintet) by Nizami ( d. 1209)

Manuscript; Khamsa (Quintet) by Nizami; Persian in black nasta’liq script with headings in gold, red, and blue, kufic and naskhi script; 346 folios with a shamsa (fol. 1recto), double-page frontispiece (fols.1 verso-2recto), 5 unwans (fols. 30verso, 84verso, 155verso, 217verso, 302verso), 10 illuminated folios, 32 paintings (40recto, 44verso, 52verso, 55recto, 74recto, 80verso, 94verso, 98recto, 105verso, 120verso, …


Folio from a Manafi’ al-hayawan (Usefulness of animals) by Ibn Bakhtishu (died 1058); recto: text and illustration: Two owls perching in a tree; verso: text

Detached folio from a dispersed copy of a Manafi’ al-hayawan (Usefulness of animals) by Ibn Bakhtishu; text: Persian in black and red naskh script with title in black and blue kufic script; recto: illustration and text: Two owls perching in a tree, 11 lines; verso: text, 11 lines with marginal text; one of a group …