Keywords: Kalong ware

307 objects


Small jar with everted rim, eliptical body, and flat base. Clay: coarse, medium-brown stoneware. Glaze: olive-green, thin, dull luster, ending above beveled edge of foot; interior unglazed. Decoration: none. Mark: none.



Small jar with long straight neck, high shoulder, and tall splayed foot. Clay: chalky, off-white. Glaze: clear, ivory-toned, crackled and flaking, especially on lower body. Interior glazed; base unglazed. Decoration: none. Mark: none.



Small shallow dish with plain rim on everted foot. Clay: light gray, medium texture. Glaze: translucent grayish-green glaze, coarsely crackled, covering inside and outside of dish and outside of foot; inside of foot unglazed. Surface of glaze abraded and worn on inside, especially near center. Decoration: none. Mark: single line incised across diameter of foot.