Keywords: iron wash

11 objects

Jar with combed and applied decoration

Jar of cylindrical form with broad shoulder tapering toward the flat base, short neck narrowing to the mouth. Clay: medium-grey stoneware. Glaze: thin iron wash and slight accumulation of fly-ash glaze. Decoration: two grooves insided into neck (possibly using combing tool); two raised ridges applied to shoulder, alternating with bands of undulating combing.



Blue and white dish with iron wash on broad base, raised edge of the narrow flat rim and footrim unglazed. Decorated with a multi-petaled flower and four leafy sprays on central medallion enclosed by petal border, alternating four-petaled flower and leafy tendril on cavetto, classic scroll on flat rim, large lotus panels on exterior. Clay: …



Bowl with rounded body, flared rim, carved footring, recessed base applied with chocolate brown wash. Clay: buff light grey stoneware. Glaze: clear, glossy, transparent, crazed; mouthrim, footrim and base unglazed. Decoration: painted with cobalt pigment on white slip. A peony spray encircled by a ring on central medallion, a band of classic scroll round the …



Bowl with flared rim, round wall, splayed foot and recessed base. Clay: light buff-grey stoneware. Glaze: clear, transparent, glossy. Five triangular spur marks on interior bottom. Decoration: painted in low-grade cobalt that contained a high amount of iron, with a chrysanthemum spray encircled by a ring on central medallion; a band of scrolls inside the …



Bowl with flared rim, round wall, short foot. Five spur marks on interior bottom. Clay: ivory white stoneware. Glaze: clear, green where thick, transparent, crazed; base unglazed. Decoration: freely painted with underglaze iron black; a floral spray encircled by a ring on central medallion, bands of calligraphic strokes round the lower edge of interior and …



Bowl with eveerted rim. Clay: light gray stoneware. Glaze: creamy white glaze. Decoration: painted in two shades of cobalt (or possibly iron and cobalt) pigment under the glaze: floral spray in center (on which are five spur scars), narrow calligraphic band near interior rim, wider band on exterior, both framed by lines. Base shows traces …



Large dish with everted rim, upright glazed lip, deep cavetto, wide flat bottom slightly domed in the center, on low, beveled, unglazed footrim. Clay: greyish-brown stoneware; long firing crack running from rim to center; another short firing crack on rim, two on footrim. Glaze: transparent ivory-grey tone; possibly a coating of white slip under the …