Keywords: iron pigment

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Beaker with straight side, carved foot and slightly recessed base. Four spur marks on interior bottom. Two cracks running down from rim. Clay: ivory white stoneware. Glaze: milky, translucent, finely crazed, low gloss. Decoration: painted with iron pigment over white slip, under the glaze, with a band of calligraphic strokes on the exterior upper body.



Straight-sided bowl with painted and printed decoration in cobalt under glaze. Rim striped in iron under glaze. Ring cut on interior bottom, with iron wash. Clay: ivory body with many brown and grey impurities, coarse and grainy. Glaze: clear with bluish tinge, glossy.



1. (Stephen P. Koob, 3 February 1992) Glazed kendi, globular and squat in shape. Glazed stoneware with floral and geometric decoration in brown/black underglaze.


Covered box with interior tray

Clay: light gray stoneware with fine black scattered inclusions. Glaze: clear, colorless glaze, slighty milky in areas, on exterior of body (except around neck and on base) and on exterior of lid (except center). Mottled dark brown glaze on defined circular area in center of lid, including knob. Thinner brown glaze on interior of body …