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13 objects

Ornament in the form of a stag, reworked

Animal in profile; rounded edges; no decoration; semi-translucent green. (Clouds of calcification with some surface damage.)


Finial in the form of a human hybrid with dragon

The elongated jade piece was decorated identically on both sides, tapering to a pointed tang. The primary motif, stretching its entire length, is a humanoid figure with legs that end in large bird’s claws just above the tang. Sprawled along his back is a dragon. (Largely calcified; crack runs through midsection [old repair?]; nicks in …


Ornament in the form of a bovine head

A realistic bovine head with concave back. Carved in almost full relief. Incised eyes and nostrils. (Earth and cinnabar adhere.)


Finial in the form of a bird

Pendant, curved, profile bird forms in low relief; pierced area near one end; translucent green with brown clouds. (Clouds of calcification; broken and re-polished one end [?]; chip.)


Finial in the form of a bird

Flat, arc-shaped pendant with a bird presented in profile. A series of regularly incised lines and serrations embellish the angular crest that rises from the bird’s head. Those angular forms are echoed in the chevrons on the hooked beak. A bolder series of lines, some of them raised, articulate the furled wing and pendant tail. …