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Design for a Decorated Fan

A nude figure, dancing, fitted to the shape of a spoke in a folding fan.


The Fan

Darbar Mirza Maharai Lakhpatiji

The setting is a huge, open marble terrace, set bedside a lush arbor-filled garden. A large summer white carpet is patterned with bold flowers in a trellis shape with metal derived lozenge-shaped images interspersed. The Kutch retinue of nobles sits on this carpet on the left side, while the Nagaur visitors sit on the right …


Diwan Nawal Singh, Prime Minister of Datia

Dressed in an ink blue jama and a rich orange turban with a matching wave-patterned (leheriya) sash (patka), Nawal Singh sits beneath a cool white canopy. An enormous amber-colored bolster with gold leaf-shaped motifs supports him. Suitable to his status, attendants wait on him and one waves a peacock feathered fly-whisk (morchal), a symbol of …