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The elephant Khanderao Bahadur killing Sham Mahavat

Numerous attendants using firecrackers attempt to control a chained elephant. His mahout grips the elephant with his feet and hands as his hair sticks out in fright.


Krishna bids farewell, folio from a Bhagavata Purana

Krishna embraces his father in the upper left corner then proceeds on a palanquin with the Pandava brothers, led by an elephant and followed by musicians. Ladies pay homage to the procession from balconies overhead.


Maharana Raj Singh observing an elephant fight

Within an arena, five vignettes convey the play-by-play action of an elephant contest. At the upper right, the elephants are introduced, then clash beneath the Rana’s balcony on the upper left, until one falls and sheds its mahouts. It is pursued, but turns on its attacker, which also spills its riders. The many active minor …