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Minato ware tea pot

Tea-pot, pear-shaped; disk cover with loop handle attached by chain; three short feet. Thinly potted. Clay: soft, white. Glaze: brilliant olive-green and dark olive-yellow; crackled. Iridescent. Inside: cream, crackled. Mark: square seal, “Senshu Sakai; Hon Minato-yaki; Kichibei”


Figure of a cat, probably Kyoto ware

Figurine. Cat. Clay: dense, gray-buff. Glaze: mingled cream, yellow, pink, and greenish-brown, crackled.


Tea bowl, unknown Raku ware workshop

Tea bowl. Broken and repaired. Clay: soft, white. Raku type. Glaze: mingled salmon-red, white, yellow, and gray-green; crackled and deeply pitted. Three spur scars on footrim. Red slip under clear glaze. Mark: Cipher (kao) incised inside footrim.


Korakuen ware tea bowl

Tea-bowl, low foot. Gold lacquer repair. Clay: soft buff-gray, Raku type. Glaze: brilliant sealing-wax red, with semi-transparent crackled overflow of yellowish gray-white, shot with greenish gray.