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Album folio; A winter scene, A Sufi and courtier conversing at a shrine

Detached folio from an unidentified text; A Sufi and courtier conversing at a shrine; text: Persian in black and red nasta’liq script. Border: The painting is set in red, blue and gold rulings mounted on paperboard with floral designs and calligraphic panels.


Folio from a Divan (collected poems) by Hafiz (d. 1390); recto: text, Poem of wisdom of love, beauty, and celebration of time; verso: illustration and text, Feast of ‘id

Detached folio from a copy of the Divan (collected poems) by Hafiz (F1932.45) with selections from the work of Ibn Yamin, Omar Khayyam, and Nizami in the margins; text: Persian in black nasta’liq script; headings in white; recto: text: two columns, 12 lines and marginal verses; verso: illustration and text: Feast of ‘id; one of …