Keywords: copper-green glaze

23 objects

Dish with fluted cavetto and scalloped rim

Dish with hand-cut fluted cavetto and scalloped rim. Low foot, base unglazed. Clay: stoneware, light gray, fine grained. Glaze: “apple-green” high-temperature copper-tinted glaze. Glaze stops above lower edge of foot. Wide ring cut out of glaze in bottom, leaving circle of glaze in center. Mark: none.


Lime-paste pot with bail handle and molded decoration

Lime pot of compressed globular form with a round hole on shoulder, high foot, flat base with shell scars, and a broad overhead stripe handle. Some lime residue inside the pot. Clay: grey stoneware. Glaze: mottled turquoise and red (copper) glaze, glossy, translucent; footring unglazed. Decoration: a moulded floral rosette at central top of the …


Beaker with incised decoration

Beaker with straight sides sligthly tapered towards the mouth and craved footring. An unglazed stacking ring cut on the interior bottom. An purple brown iron wash on the base. Clay: buff-grey stoneware. Glaze: green (tinted with copper), mottled, glossy, transparent; foot and base unglazed. Decoration: a row of bosses bordered by two incised rings on …



Shallow bowl with straight side, flared rim, carved footring and unglazed ring cut at interior bottom. Clay: light grey stoneware. Glaze: copper-green, translucent, glossy. Decoration: none.



Bowl with rounded body, flared rim, carved footring and unglazed ring cut at interior bottom. Clay: buff-grey stoneware. Glaze: copper green, translucent, glossy; foot and base unglazed. Decoration: two tiers of mold-impressed petals on interior wall; unglazed ring cut on interior bottom.