Keywords: cloud

204 objects

Note in Blue and Opal–Jersey

In the foreground, a flat beach at low tide; in the distance, points of land running into the water; signed with the butterfly at the lower left.


Southend Pier

Groups of people walking at the water’s edge; a long pier in the distance; signed with the butterfly to right of center, near figure in blue.


Hibo Kannon

This monumental painting represents Kannon in the guise of a maternal figure who nurtures an infant surrounded by a halo. Both figures hover among clouds high above the stark landscape of the world where the child will live. The painting exhibits both a signature and seal.


The Seashore

A view of the sea and sand, with sailboats in the distance and small figures along the shore; signed with the butterfly at lower right.


Grey and Silver–Purfleet

River view with buildings and vessels along the shore in the distance; a clouded sky; signed with the butterfly at lower right.