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Colophon of Leyli u Manjnun from a Haft awrang (Seven thrones) by Jami (d. 1492)

Folio of text from a manuscript of the Haft awrang (Seven thrones). Recto: text; verso: blank. Colophon from the poem “Laila wa-Majnun” (“Laila and Majnun”)- fols.225b-272a, composed in 889H/1484. The colophon gives the name of the princely patron, the name of the scribe Muhibb ‘Ali, the date, first of Shawwal 972 (May 2nd, 1556), and …



Folio from a Qur’an, Sura 5:52-54

Detached folio from a dispersed copy of the Qur’an; recto: Sura al-Ma’ida (the Table Spread) 5: part of verse 52, 53, recto begins with “ya’tia bi’l fathi”; verso: sura 5:53 and part of 54, verso begins with “bi Allahi”; Arabic in black “eastern kufic (New Style)” script; illuminated inscribed verse markers; vocalized in red, tashdid …


Folio of Calligraphy

Detached folio from a dispersed album.An illuminated qita’ (poetic fragment); Persian in black nasta’liq script; signed by Mir Ali. verso (F1939.50a): painting: A portrait of Abd al-Rahim Khan Khanan; side panel texts in Persian black nasta’liq script. Border: recto (F1939.50b): the calligraphy panel is set in red, gold, and black rulings in an inner frame …