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Fettered camel and keeper; reverse: calligraphy panel

Detached album folio; text: Persian in black nasta’liq script; Fettered camel and the keeper, inscriptions; reverse: calligraphy panel, signed by Sultan Muhammad Khandan and Baba Muzahhab. Border: The painting is set in gold and black rulings on beige-colored paper; the calligraphy panel is set in gold and green rulings in an illuminated outer frame with …


Camel and keeper

Detached album folio: Camel and keeper with surrounding poetic verses, signature of Shaykh Muhammad and the date A.H. 964/1556-1557 C.E. Border: The painting is set in red rulings with four couplets in gold nasta’liq script and two square panels in red nasta’liq inscribed at the top with the date and at the bottom with the …


Detached folio from a Baburnama; recto:The Emperor Babur and his men pitching camp, folio from a Baburnama; verso: text

Recto: Two lines of nasta’liq script in black on painting (which is laid down on later borders.). The inscription reads: [Qoch Beg] and his brothers performed well. We camped on a rise a league from Pishkaran. Verso: Calligraphic leaf of poetry in nasta’liq script from from Jāmī’s Khiradnāma-i Iskandarī, the last of the septet Haft …