Keywords: buffalo

77 objects

Pendant in the form of a water buffalo

Pendant, profile bovine, carved nearly in round; pierced at mouth/jaw; translucent, light greenish-white. (Mostly calcified; chip in its front left foot; rear end degraded; surface cracks; more recent surface damage.)


Pendant in the form of a water buffalo

Buffalo, standing; carved in round; pierced lower jaw; mottled light gray, blue-green. (Flaw cracks; old nicks; ears chipped away.)


Pendant in the form of a water buffalo, reworked

Pendant, kneeling buffalo facing side; carved and pierced through front side of nose; opaque marbled greenish-gray and white. (Surface flaws, minor pitting, minor adhesions; tiny surface scratches.)


Water buffalo

Compact, block-like body with curving horns, blunt ears and head indicated summarily.