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Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin) standing on waves and lotus

A hollow dry lacquer statue of Guanyin wearing a hooded cape over billowing garments that sweep to the right. The deity stands on cresting waves with an open lotus flower at the center. The figure’s waist is slightly bent and the upper back arched, creating a gentle curve. Hands are held in the teaching gesture. …


Probably Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guanyin)

The Bodhisattva stands with its body arched in a slight curve. The pointed headdress that appears in the high chignon is not specific enough to identify the particular Bodhisattva being represented. The torso is clothed in scarves and necklaces; a pleated dhoti falls from the waist. The Bodhisattva’s right hand holds one end of a …


Western Paradise of the Buddha Amitabha

High relief carving of Western Paradise. Amitabha presides over a lotus pond that contains flowers opening to reveal newborn souls. Numerous deities and celestial attendants fill in the tableau.


Mountainous landscape with Luohans and Guanyin

Guanyin and about fourty Luohans involved in various activities with several attendants in a mountainous landscape. On the painting, one signature on lower left end; Eleven seals in total, with five half seals on the right end. Three colophons follow the painting, each bearing a signature and one seal.


Votive plaque (tsa-tsas) of Avalokitesvara

An image of Avalokiteshvara commands the center of the more crisply detailed and more finely colored plaque. Avalokiteshvara, the four-armed bodhisattva of compassion, joins two hands in the gesture of worship; his outer hands hold aloft a rosary and the curving stem of a lotus. He is seated in the posture of meditation upon a …