Keywords: blackening

5 objects

Water bottle

Bottle composed of three sections above tall, splayed pedestal foot: Compressed globular body, shoulder and tubular neck tapered towards a chipped mouth. Several cracks on neck, a loss and a hole pierced through the footring. Clay: light grey earthenware. Glaze: none. Surface burnished and blackened by reduction firing. Decoration: rows of roulette design encircled the …


Alms bowl

Black alms bowl with wide mouth and round bottom. A crack on mouth. Clay: buff earthenware, polished, blackened by reduction firing. Glaze: none. Decoration: none.


Vessel with round bottom

Earthenware vessel with incised geometric designs and largely black surface, damaged during firing.


Vessel with applied flange, incised and impressed decoration

Earthenware vessel with largely gray-black surface, plain, inverted rim, appliqued flange at midsection. Incised curvilinear design infilled with rocker stamping on upper half of body, and diamond-pattern incised design throughout remainder of vessel.


Vessel with footed base

Earthenware vessel with globular, footed base and slightly flared rim.