Keywords: Ban Kruat ware

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Base of bowl

Fragment of base of a celadon-glazed stoneware jar or dish

Shape: Shard consists of approximately half of the base of a celadon-glazed white stoneware jar or, less likely, dish. The presumption that the shard was originally the base of a jar is based on the fact that there is no footring, with the base showing only a slight concavity. The shard thickness varies between 1.4 …


Fragment of the wall of a bowl

Shape: Small fragment of the wall of a jarlet, small bottle, or small bowl. The shard varies in thickness from 0.3 – 0.4 cm. Clay: Light gray, fine-bodied stoneware with many very fine and a few large, dark inclusions. The outside of the vessel was roughly finished and reveals many pits. Internally there are virtually …