Keywords: Avalokitesvara

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Western Paradise of the Buddha Amitabha

High relief carving of Western Paradise. Amitabha presides over a lotus pond that contains flowers opening to reveal newborn souls. Numerous deities and celestial attendants fill in the tableau.


Votive plaque (tsa-tsas) of Avalokitesvara

An image of Avalokiteshvara commands the center of the more crisply detailed and more finely colored plaque. Avalokiteshvara, the four-armed bodhisattva of compassion, joins two hands in the gesture of worship; his outer hands hold aloft a rosary and the curving stem of a lotus. He is seated in the posture of meditation upon a …


The Karandavyuha Sutra

A complete manuscript consisting of 77 numbered text folios and two blanks in blue-black paper lettered in gilt, three miniature paintings, and a pair of polychrome painted wooden covers.