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<p>Our talks and conversations are designed to make you think. Topics range from art and cultural history to contemporary politics and beyond.</p>

<p>Free walk-in guided tours present thematic explorations of the museums permanent collections and special exhibitions, allowing visitors to look closely and think deeply about artworks. These approximately hour-long tours are interactive and can accommodate both adults and children. The public also can schedule group tours using the online reservation form, and school tours are offered &#8230;</p>

<p>East meets West in live music, dance, and theater performances from across Asia. Experience classical and contemporary forms through formal concerts in the Meyer Auditorium and intimate presentations alongside exhibitions. Our chamber music series focuses on renowned artists performing the latest works by Asian composers and music inspired by Asia.</p>

<p>Experience multiple perspectives on Asia through the lens of classic and contemporary film. Our world-class film series offers opportunities to see films not widely available in the United States, as well as to meet directors, actors, and film scholars. Unless noted, films are shown free of charge in the three hundred-seat Meyer Auditorium. Seating is &#8230;</p>

<p>Workshops and drop-in programs provide opportunities for kids and families to participate in hands-on art making and interactive experiences.</p>

Ancient Near Eastern Art
<p>p:empty{display:none;}h2.entry-title{line-height:1;font-size:1.375rem;font-weight:600;margin-bottom:0.5em;}.all-results p{margin-bottom: 0 !important;} Objects 1 &#8211; 52 of 349 FSC-A-7 Architectural material; Stucco fragment FSC-B-72 Blade from Knud Holm presumably from Denmark, for analysis FSC-B-73 Blade from Knud Holm presumably from Denmark, for analysis FSC-B-94 mirror received in five fragments FSC-B-103 7 bronze fragments FSC-B-104 Bronze fragment FSC-B-105a-e 5 sets of Bronze fragments from &#8230;</p>

Ancient Egyptian Art
<p>p:empty{display:none;}h2.entry-title{line-height:1;font-size:1.375rem;font-weight:600;margin-bottom:0.5em;}.all-results p{margin-bottom: 0 !important;} Objects 1 &#8211; 15 of 15 FSC-G-9a-l faience beads, &#8220;mummy beads&#8221;, various types and colors FSC-M-12a-c 3 coins, Egyptian FSC-MS-44 Manuscript fragment FSC-MS-45 Manuscript fragment FSC-P-1025.193 Pottery: Unidentified form FSC-P-4011 Shard, frit body, turquoise glaze, incised FSC-P-4021 Sherd, buff body, unglazed; black and blue underglaze FSC-P-4022 Sherd, Jug with filter, pink &#8230;</p>

American Art
<p>p:empty{display:none;}h2.entry-title{line-height:1;font-size:1.375rem;font-weight:600;margin-bottom:0.5em;}.all-results p{margin-bottom: 0 !important;} Objects 1 &#8211; 52 of 120 FSC-B-90 American shell casing (lead bullet) Union type, Civil War FSC-B-108 Bronze peak of cupola over old Supreme Court section FSC-F-1 Oak arm chair, one in set of six FSC-F-2 Oak arm chair, one in set of six FSC-F-3 Oak arm chair, one in set &#8230;</p>

Arts of the Islamic World
<p>p:empty{display:none;}h2.entry-title{line-height:1;font-size:1.375rem;font-weight:600;margin-bottom:0.5em;}.all-results p{margin-bottom: 0 !important;} Objects 1 &#8211; 52 of 1553 FSC-A-1a-i Architectural Materials; Plaster remnants of painting FSC-A-2a-t Architectural materials; Plaster and paint, 32 fragments FSC-A-3a-k Architectural materials; Plaster and paint, 9 fragments FSC-A-4a-y Architectural material; Earthenware fragments of sculptures FSC-A-5 Architectural material; Stucco head of horse FSC-A-6 Architectural material; Stucco fragment FSC-A-8 Architectural material; &#8230;</p>

“Horse-eye” dish
<p>At the end of a long day&rsquo;s walk along the Tōkaidō or one of the other highways that connected Japan during the Edo period (16151868), a weary traveler might have eased onto a bench at a roadside rest house and ordered sake and a snack. A maid would have brought out a warmed bottle of &#8230;</p>