Revealing Krishna: Journey to Cambodia’s Sacred Mountain

Revealing Krishna transports visitors to a sacred mountain in the floodplains of southern Cambodia. The exhibition showcases a monumental sculpture of the Hindu god Krishna lifting Mount Govardhan to protect his people from a torrential storm sent by an angry god. For the first time, the sculpture is explored in the context of its original environment, as part of a multi-religious landscape and quite literally built into a mountain. This larger than life-size sculpture is one of eight monumental deity figures recovered from cave temples on the two-peaked mountain of Phnom Da near the ancient metropolis of Angkor Borei. The exhibition tells the life story of this sculptural masterpiece—spanning 1,500 years and three continents—and unveils the newly restored Krishna in an exhibition that integrates art, immersive video installations, and interactive design.

The exhibition includes an original short film directed by renowned Cambodian American film maker PraCh Ly. Titled Satook, a word of blessing spoken at the end of Cambodian prayers, the film examines the role of ancient sacred sites in present-day religious landscapes, and the transformation of religious traditions in Cambodian American diaspora communities.

This exhibition is organized by the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Revealing Krishna: Journey to Cambodia’s Sacred Mountain is a focus exhibition featuring the recently restored Krishna Lifting Mountain Govardhan, undertaken by the Cleveland Museum of Art conservation staff, and funded by a grant from Bank of America Art Conservation Fund.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is proud to partner with the National Museum of Asian Art. This project was made possible through a cooperative agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and in collaboration with the National Museum of Cambodia.

The Official Technology Partner is Microsoft.


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