[X] vertebrate [X] Southeast Asian Art
129 objects

Bowl with molded decoration

<p>Bowl: spreading ovoidal; thin basal ring; copper rim. Clay: very thin, with translucent areas; grayish-white; sonant. Translucent white porcelain. Glaze: transparent, colorless. Decoration: molded in paste, under glaze. On interior: band of four phoenixes in clouds, six-petalled flowerhead in center bottom.</p>


<p>Large dish, thickly potted, with narrow everted rim, deep cavetto, flat center over flat base, and low rounded foot. Clay: stoneware; dense, smooth, light grayish-buff. Glaze: thin, high-fired, transparent, low luster, over white slip. Thin light-brown translucent glaze brushed unevenly onto foot. Foot rim unglazed. Base wiped counter-clockwise with thin glaze wash marked with striations. &#8230;</p>

Water dropper in the form of a blowfish

<p>Small molded vessel in shape of blowfish, with rimless mouth and flat base. Clay: pale gray, fine-grained. Glaze: opaque, ivory-toned, finely abraded over surface except where protected by angles of the molded tail. Base and interior unglazed. Decoration: in underglaze blue; details of fish features, including stippling over blue wash on back. Mark: none. Condition: &#8230;</p>

Figure of a nesting bird

<p>Small figure of a nesting bird Clay: medium brown stoneware with black speckles Glaze: mottled iron glaze, ranging from ochre to chocolate in color, covering upper portion of figure, ending irregularly, partially covering base Decoration: eyes applied as beads of clay Mark: none</p>

Figure of a parrot

<p>Small figure of a sitting parrot Clay: light gray with black speckles Glaze: mottled iron glaze, ochre to chocolate, over breast and sides, with mottled olive-green ash glaze down center of back and milky white glaze on beak, wings, and tail; base unglazed Decoration: eyes applied as beads of clay; incised details on beak, wings, &#8230;</p>

Figure of a horse

<p>Figure of a miniature horse. Clay: reddish-brown with black speckles. Glaze: iron brown, over upper half of figure. Decoration: modeled details of eyes, mane and tail, saddle. Mark: none.</p>

Figure of a nesting hen

<p>Figure of nesting hen. Clay: light gray stoneware. Glaze: mottled caramel brown, covering upper portion of figure; lower portion and base unglazed. Decoration: eyes applied as clay pellets; wings applied and incised with details; two applied chicks (?) on back; incised detail on tail. Mark: none.</p>

Figure of a pair of fighting elephants

<p>Small figurine of pair of fighting elephants on rectangular base Clay: buff with black speckles Glaze: thin mottled iron glaze, olive-brown to dark brown, covering upper portion of figures; lower portion and base unglazed Decoration: modeled details of eyes, ears, tails Mark: none</p>

Ewer in form of a goose with spout

<p>Small ewer in shape of a goose (hamsa) with tail-shaped handle, bird-head spout, elongated neck with wide rim, carved foot CLAY: reddish brown GLAZE: green glaze with granular white occlusions, shinier on one side of bird than the other, probably underfired; glaze collecting in thick drops at foot; interior and base unglazed DECORATION: incised detailing &#8230;</p>

Ewer with spout in the form of an elephant

<p>Small ewer with elephant-headed spout, upright neck with everted rim, and carved foot CLAY: gray with black speckles GLAZE: opaque white glaze on neck and sculpted details of elephant features; mottled medium-brown glaze on body and elephant head; interior and base unglazed DECORATION: relief modeled details of elephant head and tail, with cord binding &#8220;body&#8221; &#8230;</p>