51 objects

Figure of a horse

<p>Figure of a miniature horse. Clay: reddish-brown with black speckles. Glaze: iron brown, over upper half of figure. Decoration: modeled details of eyes, mane and tail, saddle. Mark: none.</p>

Figure of a pair of fighting elephants

<p>Small figurine of pair of fighting elephants on rectangular base Clay: buff with black speckles Glaze: thin mottled iron glaze, olive-brown to dark brown, covering upper portion of figures; lower portion and base unglazed Decoration: modeled details of eyes, ears, tails Mark: none</p>

Ewer with spout in the form of an elephant

<p>Small ewer with elephant-headed spout, upright neck with everted rim, and carved foot CLAY: gray with black speckles GLAZE: opaque white glaze on neck and sculpted details of elephant features; mottled medium-brown glaze on body and elephant head; interior and base unglazed DECORATION: relief modeled details of elephant head and tail, with cord binding &#8220;body&#8221; &#8230;</p>