40 objects

Tea bowl

<p>Tea bowl, on high foot. Repaired with gold lacquer. Clay: cream-white, porcelanous, buff gray surface where exposed apparently is dirt and stain. Glaze: transparent, fine crackle, stained; edge of foot, base and ring inside unglazed; brown wash inside foot and on base is typical &#8220;chocolate base&#8221; of Annamese ware. It is probable that a white &#8230;</p>

Covered box

<p>Round covered box; center panel of cover slightly recessed, base slightly recessed; one chip inside edge of cover. Clay: pale putty-colored, high-fired, hard, fine texture, resonant, but without transparency. Glaze: thin, clear, covers decoration on white slip on outside, inside of bowl and partial on inside of cover. Some deterioration on cover only, in the &#8230;</p>

Covered box

<p>Small covered box. Clay: pale gray stoneware. Glaze: translucent, whitish. Decoration: in underglaze cobalt, considerably obscured by glaze: on lid, central motif surrounded by double line and radiating triangular motifs; on base, rising lotus-petal band. Mark: none.</p>


<p>Large dish, thickly potted, with narrow everted rim, deep cavetto, flat center over flat base, and low rounded foot. Clay: stoneware; dense, smooth, light grayish-buff. Glaze: thin, high-fired, transparent, low luster, over white slip. Thin light-brown translucent glaze brushed unevenly onto foot. Foot rim unglazed. Base wiped counter-clockwise with thin glaze wash marked with striations. &#8230;</p>


<p>Cup with inverted plain rim, tapering body, and carved inset base. Clay: chalky white, fine-grained. Glaze: clear, slightly yellowish tone, matte surface; glaze on interior coarsely crackled. Trimmed off at edge of base before firing. Iron wash on base (&#8220;chocolate base&#8221;). Decoration: in blue-gray underglaze, blackish where thick. Pair of double lines below rim, framing &#8230;</p>


<p>Large dish with everted rim, upright glazed lip, deep cavetto, wide flat bottom slightly domed in the center, on low, beveled, unglazed footrim. Clay: greyish-brown stoneware; long firing crack running from rim to center; another short firing crack on rim, two on footrim. Glaze: transparent ivory-grey tone; possibly a coating of white slip under the &#8230;</p>


<p>Medium-sized dish with decoration incised through the glaze. Clay: ivory stoneware body. Glaze: clear glaze; iron wash &#8220;chocolate&#8221; base. Decoration: A single large floral (probably lotus) spray fills the center, while the well is filled by a floral scroll.</p>

Bowl with incised decoration

<p>1. (Stephen P. Koob, 10 February 1998) Round bowl, almost hemispherical in shape, with a flat base, and slightly incurving rim. Incised on the exterior with a broad lotus petal design on the lower body, and covered inside and out with a brown-green glaze. Base is unglazed. Pronounced crackle to the glaze. One side of &#8230;</p>