Classification: Vessel

1,631 objects

Jar with incised and applied decoration

1. (Louise A. Cort, 9 March 1995) A voluptuous form, with trumpet mouth, swelling body, and a broad foot counterbalancing the constricted neck and base. Jewelry-like swags and rosettes made from thin clay coils appliqued over incised and impressed bands at shoulder and lower neck. The grainy, unglazed stoneware clay is gray.




Ewer with phoenix-head spout and loop handle, missing lid. Clay: pale gray, fine-grained clay. Base unglazed. Glaze: smooth, translucent, grass-green. Decoration: relief blossom forms applied around the shoulder; incised floral scrolls on the rounded body.



Storage jar. Clay: gray (reduction-fired) stoneware, stained irregularly. Glaze: none. Decoration: on the shoulder, four small knobs (damaged) spaced equidistantly below the edge of the rim; two wide bands of stamped decoration, repeating the same leaf-shaped design (sema or bodhi leaf, positioned with point downward; two narrow bands of “jabbed” pattern made with a comb-like …



Clay: white stoneware. Glaze: colorless glaze on body; iron-oxide wash on base. Decoration: On neck, band of “treasure” lattice. On shoulder, three mythical beasts (baize) alternating with four-pronged clouds whose centers resemble the fungus of immortality, the space filled by smaller flame-like clouds and wish-granting jewels, some enclosed by flames and others not. On upper …



Large dish with everted rim, upright glazed lip, deep cavetto, wide flat bottom slightly domed in the center, on low, beveled, unglazed footrim. Clay: greyish-brown stoneware; long firing crack running from rim to center; another short firing crack on rim, two on footrim. Glaze: transparent ivory-grey tone; possibly a coating of white slip under the …


Jar with four horizontal lugs

Large storage jar with small trumpet shaped mouth and rolled rim, ridge at base of neck, four lugs high on shoulder, narrow body, and broad flat base, rattan handles and lid. Body: reddish-brown stoneware. Glaze: iron glaze, lustrous black on “hot” side of jar, running down in muliple drips to edge of base; on “cool” …


Ewer with spout in the form of an elephant

Small ewer with elephant-headed spout, upright neck with everted rim, and carved foot CLAY: gray with black speckles GLAZE: opaque white glaze on neck and sculpted details of elephant features; mottled medium-brown glaze on body and elephant head; interior and base unglazed DECORATION: relief modeled details of elephant head and tail, with cord binding “body” …


Ewer in form of a goose with spout

Small ewer in shape of a goose (hamsa) with tail-shaped handle, bird-head spout, elongated neck with wide rim, carved foot CLAY: reddish brown GLAZE: green glaze with granular white occlusions, shinier on one side of bird than the other, probably underfired; glaze collecting in thick drops at foot; interior and base unglazed DECORATION: incised detailing …



Small bottle with elongated conical neck, flattened body, and carved foot. Clay: light gray with black speckles. Glaze: pale caramel-brown glaze over neck; clear glaze over body, ending above foot; interior and base unglazed; some scars in glaze. Decoration: in underglaze iron; multiple lines around base of neck and shoulder; band containing three abstract motifs …



Miniature kendi with tall neck, projecting flange below mouth, flattened body, large spout, and tall straight foot with inset base. Clay: black, well fused. Glaze: none. Decoration: none. Mark: none.


Jar with incised decoration

Small jar with short neck, ridge at base of neck, cylindrical body, and carved foot. Clay: light gray with black speckles. Glaze: mottled caramel brown, reaching down to near foot; interior and base unglazed. Decoration: incised ridge at base of neck. Mark: none.



Small jar with upright neck, carinated shoulder, and flat base. Clay: sandy stoneware, dark brown on surface, gray in core. Glaze: iron-brown, thin, matte, heavily abraded and decomposed; stopping on outside just below shoulder; interior unglazed. Decoration: none. Mark: none. Condition: old chips in rim.



Small conical cup with narrow mouth, plain rim, broad base, and carved foot CLAY: dark reddish-brown; circular black scar on base inside footrim GLAZE: milky, blue-gray where thick; covering outside over foot and bottom of inside; base unglazed DECORATION: in underglaze iron; four lines below rim; vinescrolls enclosing three large full-face flowers with twisting petals; …



Small jar with everted rim, eliptical body, and flat base. Clay: coarse, medium-brown stoneware. Glaze: olive-green, thin, dull luster, ending above beveled edge of foot; interior unglazed. Decoration: none. Mark: none.



Small bowl with everted rim on raised everted foot. Clay: light grey, gritty. Glaze: clear glaze on interior, over white slip; rim unglazed; mottled copper-green glaze on exterior, pooling around foot; visible edge of foot has brownish sheen; base unglazed. Decoration: incised under glaze on outside, three sets of multiple lines evenly spaced on body. …



Minature saucer on tall foot. Clay: coarse, buff with orange flush, black speckles. Glaze: translucent gray-green covering upper surface, part of lower surface; rest of body and foot unglazed. Decoration: none. Mark: none.



Low bowl with inverted plain rim, rounded sides, and flat base. Clay: light gray, fine-grained. Glaze: clear, lustrous, over white slip inside and out; slip and glaze pared away above base; base unglazed. Decoration: in underglaze cobalt in graded shades, pale to dark. Outside, double lines, very faint, below rim and above base enclosing vinescrolls …