Collection Area: Southeast Asian Art

4,001 objects


Bowl, heavily potted, everted foliate rim, foot beveled inward; slightly recessed unglazed base with ring of black residue from tubular firing support. Defects; two lenticular shaped raised areas in paste, perhaps bubbles; one small gritty inclusion in glaze. Clay: grey porcelanous stoneware with brown speckles (impurities). Glaze: celadon, pale watery transparent pale blue-green, low gloss, …


Standing Buddha and tabernacle

Standing equipoise over a plinth, the crowned Buddha raises both hands in abhayamudra, his ankle-length robe falling to the sides. He is enshrined within a flaming aureole with naga terminates, a bodhi tree overhead laced with serpentine vines. Cast in five parts: Buddha, base, plinth with frieze, backplate, Bodhi tree finial. With a green patina …



Bowl with compressed thin slightly flaring rim; flat, slightly concave base, 5 spur marks inside center. Clay: fine grain, buff stoneware. Glaze: thin, yellowish green celadon with crackle. Decoration: none.


Female deity

Bowl with molded decoration

Bowl: spreading ovoidal; thin basal ring; copper rim. Clay: very thin, with translucent areas; grayish-white; sonant. Translucent white porcelain. Glaze: transparent, colorless. Decoration: molded in paste, under glaze. On interior: band of four phoenixes in clouds, six-petalled flowerhead in center bottom.


Bowl (kiln waster)

Bowl: kiln waster, small ovoidal, flattened in the firing; attachments of kiln slag. Clay: dense, gray. Glaze: brilliant, transparent celadon, crackled; a pool of deep green inside. Decoration: channeled and incised in the paste.


Tea bowl

Tea bowl, on high foot. Repaired with gold lacquer. Clay: cream-white, porcelanous, buff gray surface where exposed apparently is dirt and stain. Glaze: transparent, fine crackle, stained; edge of foot, base and ring inside unglazed; brown wash inside foot and on base is typical “chocolate base” of Annamese ware. It is probable that a white …



Buff clay. Glaze: Translucent semimatte ash glaze with brown crackle. Foot rim and base unglazed; three spur marks in bottom. Stained around rim inside and out; glaze abraded on rim. Decoration: Faint gray-blue underglaze cobalt painted decoration of four “Chinese characters” evenly spaced around outside, one in bottom inside double ring.