Collection Area: Southeast Asian Art

4,001 objects


1. (John Forbes 25 April 1994) Finely crackled creamy white glaze on interior and creamy green glaze on exterior running evenly to foot, interior decorated with underglaze iron black floral spray in center (on which are seven pontil spur scars) surrounded by three clouds and a flaming pearl, everted rim and exterior shoulder decorated with …



1. (John Forbes 25 April 1994) Monochromatic finely crackled ochre-green glaze pooling in spots and falling short of unglazed foot and base, unglazed stacking ring in center, everted rim.


Dish with fluted rim

1. (John Forbes 25 April 1994) Monochromatic very finely crackled grey-green glaze, with five pontil spur scars near center, interior cavetto decorated with multiple grooves, rim scalloped by turning up body clay, very shallow foot surrounds traces of chocolate brown on bottom.


Dish with foliate rim

1. (John Forbes 25 April 1994) Very finely crackled grey-green glaze, interior decorated with underglaze iron black floral spray (on which are five pontil spur scars) within two circles, interior shoulder decorated with vertical sectioning ending in scalloped rim, exterior shoulder molded, very shallow foot surrounds chocolate brown base.



1. (John Forbes 25 April 1994) Grey-green glaze, interior decorated with underglaze iron black floral spray in center (pontil scars absent) within two faintly drawn circles, broad base unglazed.



1. (John Forbes 25 April 1994) Creamy finely crackled light grey glaze, interior decorated with underglaze blue floral spray in center (on which are four pontil spur scars) within a circle and three circles in underglaze iron black near rim, thin chocolate brown bottom.



Bowl with eveerted rim. Clay: light gray stoneware. Glaze: creamy white glaze. Decoration: painted in two shades of cobalt (or possibly iron and cobalt) pigment under the glaze: floral spray in center (on which are five spur scars), narrow calligraphic band near interior rim, wider band on exterior, both framed by lines. Base shows traces …


Bowl with design of floral spray

Creamy finely crackled light grey glaze, with underglaze iron black floral spray in interior center (on which are five pontil spur scars) and a narrow band of calligraphic decoration on interior next to rim and a wider band of similar decoration on exterior, both enclosed within pairs of concentric lines, chocolate brown bottom.



Grey-green glaze merging with narrow ring of brown glaze just above foot, base colored chocolate brown, undecorated interior, exterior decorated with multiple vertical lines between concentric circles.



Monochromatic thin finely crackled grey-green glaze, falling to unglazed foot and base, stacking ring in interior, uneven rim cut with alternating single then double shallow curved indentations.



Medium-sized dish with decoration incised through the glaze. Clay: ivory stoneware body. Glaze: clear glaze; iron wash “chocolate” base. Decoration: A single large floral (probably lotus) spray fills the center, while the well is filled by a floral scroll.


Jar with incised and applied decoration

1. (Louise A. Cort, 9 March 1995) A voluptuous form, with trumpet mouth, swelling body, and a broad foot counterbalancing the constricted neck and base. Jewelry-like swags and rosettes made from thin clay coils appliqued over incised and impressed bands at shoulder and lower neck. The grainy, unglazed stoneware clay is gray.




Ewer with phoenix-head spout and loop handle, missing lid. Clay: pale gray, fine-grained clay. Base unglazed. Glaze: smooth, translucent, grass-green. Decoration: relief blossom forms applied around the shoulder; incised floral scrolls on the rounded body.



Storage jar. Clay: gray (reduction-fired) stoneware, stained irregularly. Glaze: none. Decoration: on the shoulder, four small knobs (damaged) spaced equidistantly below the edge of the rim; two wide bands of stamped decoration, repeating the same leaf-shaped design (sema or bodhi leaf, positioned with point downward; two narrow bands of “jabbed” pattern made with a comb-like …



Clay: white stoneware. Glaze: colorless glaze on body; iron-oxide wash on base. Decoration: On neck, band of “treasure” lattice. On shoulder, three mythical beasts (baize) alternating with four-pronged clouds whose centers resemble the fungus of immortality, the space filled by smaller flame-like clouds and wish-granting jewels, some enclosed by flames and others not. On upper …



Large dish with everted rim, upright glazed lip, deep cavetto, wide flat bottom slightly domed in the center, on low, beveled, unglazed footrim. Clay: greyish-brown stoneware; long firing crack running from rim to center; another short firing crack on rim, two on footrim. Glaze: transparent ivory-grey tone; possibly a coating of white slip under the …