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Dish with fish motif

<p>Bowl with everted rim and carved footring. Five scars from kiln spurred disc on interior bottom. Clay: grey stoneware with white impurities, coarse and grainy. Glaze: green, crazed, transparent, low gloss on interior but glossy on exterior; marred by pinholes; base unglazed. Decoration: painted in underglaze iron pigment over white slip; probably a fish design &#8230;</p>

Vessel in the form of an elephant with rider

<p>Hand modelled elephant with a rider holding a cup-shaped vessel on its back. Clay: grey stoneware with black inclusions. Glaze: celadon, glossy, crazed; lower feet unglazed. Decoration: none.</p>

Votive figure of a man holding a fighting cock

<p>Hand modelled male seated figure holding a cock against his chest. Clay: light grey stoneware with black inclusions. Glaze: celadon, glossy, transparent. Decoration: none.</p>

Jar with four vertical lugs and incised decoration

<p>Jar of ovoid form with rounded shoulder tapered towards foot and flat base, long neck, flared mouth with rolled rim, four grooved loop handles with pressed ends on shoulder. Clay: brown stoneware. Glaze: red-brown, glossy, marred by many pinholes and seashell scars, blistering on neck and mouth; unglazed interior. Decoration: decorated with seven bands of &#8230;</p>

Jar with eight vertical lugs and incised decoration

<p>Jar of cylindrical form with broad, round shoulder tapering towards foot and flat base, tapered tall neck with rounded rim. Eight grooved loop handles with thumb-pressed ends on shoulder. A luting ring mark on the middle of the body showing that the jar was luted together from two halves. Clay: brown stoneware. Glaze: iron brown &#8230;</p>

Jar with lid

<p>Jar of globular form with a knob on a dome-shaped lid, short carved footring and deep recessed base. Clay: grey stoneware. Glaze: white slip covering lid and body, including inside of lid and base; clear glaze with yellowish tinge (similar to raw egg white), crazed, glossy; flange of the lid, mouthrim and footrim of the &#8230;</p>

Covered box

<p>Molded covered box with flattened cover and scalloped rim, ribbed body, short carved footring and recessed base. Decorated in underglaze blue with a bird design on flat top cover, six vertical panels on body, traces of green enamel scattered all over. Clay: creamy-grey stoneware.</p>