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Tea bowl

<p>Tea bowl, on high foot. Repaired with gold lacquer. Clay: cream-white, porcelanous, buff gray surface where exposed apparently is dirt and stain. Glaze: transparent, fine crackle, stained; edge of foot, base and ring inside unglazed; brown wash inside foot and on base is typical &#8220;chocolate base&#8221; of Annamese ware. It is probable that a white &#8230;</p>


<p>Buff clay. Glaze: Translucent semimatte ash glaze with brown crackle. Foot rim and base unglazed; three spur marks in bottom. Stained around rim inside and out; glaze abraded on rim. Decoration: Faint gray-blue underglaze cobalt painted decoration of four &#8220;Chinese characters&#8221; evenly spaced around outside, one in bottom inside double ring.</p>