4 objects

Water storage jar

<p>Jar of ovoid form with broad shoulder tapering towards the flat base, short neck and rounded lip. Clay: orange earthenware. Glaze: none. Decoration: a circular band of flower petals is incised on the shoulder.</p>

Water bottle

<p>Bottle composed of three sections above tall, splayed pedestal foot: Compressed globular body, shoulder and tubular neck tapered towards a chipped mouth. Several cracks on neck, a loss and a hole pierced through the footring. Clay: light grey earthenware. Glaze: none. Surface burnished and blackened by reduction firing. Decoration: rows of roulette design encircled the &#8230;</p>

Water dropper in the form of a peach

<p>Small pot molded in the shape of a peach with a small round mouth, stem in relief and concave base. Clay: pale grey. Glaze: whitish, opaque, coarsely crackled, abraded to even matteness on surface except where protected near raised stem and pointed end of peach form; thin clear glaze on interior; base unglazed. Decoration: in &#8230;</p>