Collection Area: Southeast Asian Art

186 objects




Covered box

Box of globular form with carved footring and a lid with a lotus bud handle. A loss on the rim of the box. A black circular scar from tubular kiln support on the base. Clay: light grey stoneware with black specks. An orange flush on the base where exposed during the firing process. Glaze: transparent …


Jar with four horizontal lugs and incised decoration

Jar of ‘olive’ form with tapered neck towards wide mouth with rounded rim, coarse flat base. Four horizontal grooved lug-handles with moulded circular ends on shoulder. Clay: brown stoneware. Glaze: iron blackish brown with lustre, mottled, glossy, opaque; blistering caused possibly by gases escaping from the clay or glaze during firing. Decoration: four moulded circular …



Beaker with straight sides, slightly flared rim and rounded base. Clay: light grey stoneware. Glaze: clear with greenish tinge, transparent, glossy; rim base unglazed. Decoration: painted in underglaze blue with a band of classic scroll below rim, a wide band of floral scroll on body, overlapping lotus petals above foot.



Shallow bowl with upright rim, carved footring. Five spur marks on interior bottom. Clay: buff grey stoneware. Glaze: clear, transparent, finely crazed. Decoration: painted with underglaze iron floral design enclosed by a circle on central medallion, three concentric circles below rim.



Small jar with flattened sides. Clay: light brown stoneware. Glaze: translucent, matt surface, large irregular crackle stained red; glaze worn off rim; foot unglazed. Decoration: in underglaze cobalt, with some black spotting: single line around base of neck, with lotus-petal collar; body flattened into four wide and four narrow panels, the wide panels with frames …


Covered box

Covered box with six molded lobes. Clay: pale gray stoneware. Glaze: on outside, translucent whitish glaze appearing yellowish over most of the surface; on inside, clear glaze appearing olive green where pooled. Foot unglazed. Decoration: in underglaze cobalt: in center of lid, eight-petalled flower enclosed by six radiating petal shapes, filled alternately with geometric and …



Conical lid with a knob. Unglazed red earthenware


Pot with overall paddle-impressed texture

Pot of compressed globular form with round bottom, short neck and wide flaring mouth. Clay: red earthenware with black patches caused by direct heating from fire. Glaze: none. Decoration: three different paddle-impressed textures—narrow band around the nexk, diagonal stripes on shoulder, simple hatching on lower body and base.


Steamer with paddle-impressed texture

Steamer of compressed globular form with tall cylindrical neck, wide flaring mouth and round bottom blackened from cooking. Clay: red earthenware. Glaze: none. Decoration: paddle-impressed herringbone pattern on lower body, vertical lines and cross-hatching on base.