20 objects

Naga ring

<p>Exquisitely fashioned from 22 carat gold, the ring takes the shape of a coiled naga. The tip of its tail coils close beside the band, and the body spirals around the finger, culminating in a powerful face with bulging eyes, upturned snout, and mouth with fanged teeth and extended tongue. The serpents scales are individually &#8230;</p>

Naga oil lamp

<p>The bronze lamp hangs from a linked chain and bent hook, the main component in the shape of a serpent with an upraised head and tail. The head supports a flat dish that held the oil, where a small wick would have provided the flame. The serpent has an open mouth with pronounced teeth and &#8230;</p>

Vessel in the form of a mythical beast

<p>Hand modelled mythical beast with four legs (feet broken off), curly tail, wide open mouth, accessories on chest and a protuberance on forehead. A crack on neck. Clay: grey stoneware with black inclusions. Glaze: celadon, glossy, crazed. Decoration: none.</p>

Jar with lid

<p>Jar of globular form with a knob on a dome-shaped lid, short carved footring and deep recessed base. Clay: grey stoneware. Glaze: white slip covering lid and body, including inside of lid and base; clear glaze with yellowish tinge (similar to raw egg white), crazed, glossy; flange of the lid, mouthrim and footrim of the &#8230;</p>

Bowl with molded decoration

<p>Bowl: spreading ovoidal; thin basal ring; copper rim. Clay: very thin, with translucent areas; grayish-white; sonant. Translucent white porcelain. Glaze: transparent, colorless. Decoration: molded in paste, under glaze. On interior: band of four phoenixes in clouds, six-petalled flowerhead in center bottom.</p>