9 objects

Votive figure of a man holding a fighting cock

<p>Hand modelled male seated figure holding a cock against his chest. Clay: light grey stoneware with black inclusions. Glaze: celadon, glossy, transparent. Decoration: none.</p>

Gourd-shaped bottle in the form of a bearded ascetic holding a lotus

<p>Gourd-shaped bottle with head and arms of a bearded male worshipper holding a lotus bud (neck missing). Thinly thrown on fast potter&#8217;s wheel from coil added to flat disk, possibly with additional clay added as coil at upper edge of &#8220;body&#8221; to throw &#8220;head&#8221; and bottle neck. Base smooth, slightly concave. Egg-shaped lower lobe tapers &#8230;</p>

Vessel in the form of a seated elderly woman

<p>1. (Stephen P. Koob, 3 February 1992) Small glazed hunch-back figure. Glazed stoneware with molded and incised decoration, brown/black glaze and white glaze over white slip.</p>