Collection Area: Southeast Asian Art

22 objects

Figure of a nesting bird

Small figure of a nesting bird Clay: medium brown stoneware with black speckles Glaze: mottled iron glaze, ranging from ochre to chocolate in color, covering upper portion of figure, ending irregularly, partially covering base Decoration: eyes applied as beads of clay Mark: none


Votive figure of a man holding a fighting cock

Hand modelled male seated figure holding a cock against his chest. Clay: light grey stoneware with black inclusions. Glaze: celadon, glossy, transparent. Decoration: none.


Jar with four vertical lugs and incised decoration

Jar of ovoid form with rounded shoulder tapered towards foot and flat base, long neck, flared mouth with rolled rim, four grooved loop handles with pressed ends on shoulder. Clay: brown stoneware. Glaze: red-brown, glossy, marred by many pinholes and seashell scars, blistering on neck and mouth; unglazed interior. Decoration: decorated with seven bands of …


Covered box

Molded covered box with flattened cover and scalloped rim, ribbed body, short carved footring and recessed base. Decorated in underglaze blue with a bird design on flat top cover, six vertical panels on body, traces of green enamel scattered all over. Clay: creamy-grey stoneware.


Ewer in form of a goose with spout

Small ewer in shape of a goose (hamsa) with tail-shaped handle, bird-head spout, elongated neck with wide rim, carved foot CLAY: reddish brown GLAZE: green glaze with granular white occlusions, shinier on one side of bird than the other, probably underfired; glaze collecting in thick drops at foot; interior and base unglazed DECORATION: incised detailing …


Figure of a nesting hen

Figure of nesting hen. Clay: light gray stoneware. Glaze: mottled caramel brown, covering upper portion of figure; lower portion and base unglazed. Decoration: eyes applied as clay pellets; wings applied and incised with details; two applied chicks (?) on back; incised detail on tail. Mark: none.