8 objects

Ewer in form of a goose with spout

<p>Small ewer in shape of a goose (hamsa) with tail-shaped handle, bird-head spout, elongated neck with wide rim, carved foot CLAY: reddish brown GLAZE: green glaze with granular white occlusions, shinier on one side of bird than the other, probably underfired; glaze collecting in thick drops at foot; interior and base unglazed DECORATION: incised detailing &#8230;</p>

Figure of a nesting hen

<p>Figure of nesting hen. Clay: light gray stoneware. Glaze: mottled caramel brown, covering upper portion of figure; lower portion and base unglazed. Decoration: eyes applied as clay pellets; wings applied and incised with details; two applied chicks (?) on back; incised detail on tail. Mark: none.</p>

Figure of a parrot

<p>Small figure of a sitting parrot Clay: light gray with black speckles Glaze: mottled iron glaze, ochre to chocolate, over breast and sides, with mottled olive-green ash glaze down center of back and milky white glaze on beak, wings, and tail; base unglazed Decoration: eyes applied as beads of clay; incised details on beak, wings, &#8230;</p>